Valentine’s Day

Foil Bouquets

Many foils to choose from. And flowers, hearts, colors, flamingos, whatever. And for that “special” person, we offer a bouquet done in all black, with black roses. Just sayin’! Photo soon!

Starting at $25.00

Heart Bouquets

Starting at $25.00

Candy Cups

Candy Cups for your sweetie, pup, or kitty. Price is $6.00. Free delivery within 15 miles of Philipsburg. More photos to come.

Rose Bouquets

3 Rose Bouquets are $15.00. 6 Rose Bouquets are $25.00


Foils can go on bouquets, cups, or just about anything. These are some of the foils we have. These are all 18 inch foils. Contact us for more.

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