Balloon Blob

Pumpkin Patch Twisting
October, 2020

We twisted at the Pumpkin Patch at Vale Wood Farms in Loretto, PA, on 5 days, and had a great time! Blinky, our wearable Sugar Skull, was with us one day. Thanks to everyone who visited and had fun with us twisting balloons. Check out event schedule.

Our poll over the 5 days was who you like better, The Great Pumpkin or Jack Skellington. Jack Skellington won the poll by a hair. Funny, since he doesn’t have any, but there you go! See everyone next year at Vale Wood Farms Pumpkin Patch!

Blinky in the news. Again!
September 28, 2020

Our sugar skull, Blinky is in the promo materials for the Rocktoberfest in Mifflinburg this weekend. Your friendly neighborhood Balloon Doc will be twisting on Friday, October 2. Come to Mifflinburg, hear some great bands, and get a great balloon. I’ll make ya famous!

Blinky for the win! Thanks, Thomas, and thanks to Heidi!

Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus?
September 26, 2020

So, who would you rather have Chuck Norris roundhouse? The votes are in and The Biebs won, or in reality lost. More than 2 to 1, people chose Bieber for Chuck to roundhouse. Some said every hour on the hour. Oh well. Another poll coming up next week in Mifflinburg at Rocktoberfest 2020 Family Night.

Great day in Tyrone! Thanks to Djdays Stained Glass for hosting the event!

And, in the Philipsburg Journal yesterday. Yahoo! No numbers below the pic or profiles. That’s always a good day.

Philipsburg Journal Twisting in front of the Rowland on September 20.

In celebration of the 40th Anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back, we twisted Light Sabres for some Younglings and some Padawans at the Rowland on Friday, September 25. Here are 4 of the young Padawans now.

Mullets Rule in Philipsburg Too!
September 20, 2020

The results are in, based on votes at the Stop, Stroll, and Shop event in Philipsburg on Saturday, September 19. Mullets win 2 to 1 again. Yahoo!

Blinky the Sugar Skull
September 16, 2020

Blinky was made on Friday, September 11, and is still holding up very well. Need to redo the lips and nose, and he is ready to go again, hopefully through Saturday afternoon. Awesome! And, we did a Fantastic Bouquet to help cheer someone up! Always a good thing.

Blinky the Sugar Skull
Fantastic Bouquet!

Mullets Win!
September 12, 2020

At the Frailey’s Greenhouse Fall Festival on Saturday, September 12, attendees voted for someone to loose a mullet or someone to get a mullet. “Get a Mullet” won by a 2 to 1 margin. People voted with tips in one of two tip jars!

WooHoo! Mullets making a comeback! And, Blinky the Sugar Skull made an appearance. We twisted for 8 hours straight, with the line sometimes 15 people deep, or so they tell us. Who knows? It was fun. Thank you Frailey’s Greenhouse and Sassy Glass Winery!

That is all!

Balloon Photo Frames
September 11, 2020
OK, we know it’s blog, but blob is more fun, right? Especially on the innerwebs, right? Remember, we are at the Sassy Glass Winery and Frailey’s Greenhouse Fall Festival tomorrow. From 9 to 5, balloons, stained glass, 100 or so vendors, and food. Oh, and some damn good wine!

Consider a balloon photo frame for you next event. These frames are a great way for your attendees to remember you and your event. People line up to “say cheese” in these frames. Here are some examples, compliments of Pinterest. You can design your own. Let’s chat!

And, when you are done looking at these great designs, don’t forget to think about the victims and families of the 9-11 tragedy, first responders, and our military 19 years ago today.

That is all!


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